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1.What animal are the speakers talking about?
A. A dog      B. A cat       C. A rabbit
2. What is the man's advice?
A. To see a doctor       B. To drink tea with honey.      C. To lie down and rest.
3. What's the weather like now?
A. Sunny.              B. Rainy                   C. Snowy
4. How does Mike prefer to go to the museum?
A. By bus                B. By bike               C. On foot.
5. What are the speakers probably going to do?
A. To make some cake      B. To meet friends          C. To eat some food
6. Where are Susan and Eric?
A. In the yard              B. In the park.        C. In the school
7. What kind of tree are they planting?
A. A pear tree.             B. An orange tree.     C. An apple tree.
8. Whom is the man choosing gifts for?
A. His wife                B. His mother       C. His daughter
9. Which scarf does the man want to buy?
A. The red one              B. The blue one     C. The grey one.
10. How much will the man pay?
A. 25 dollars               B. 45 dollars        C. 65 dollars
11. What’s the speaker’s best day of the week at school?
   A. Wednesday         B. Thursday        C. Friday
12. Where does the speaker practice the drums at lunchtime?
   A. In the hall          B. In the music room  C. On the sports field
13. What are the students doing in the English class?
   A. Reading English    B. Writing projects     C. Having a discussion
14. Which team is going to have a match on Saturday?
   A. The soccer team    B. The tennis team     C. The basketball team
15. What does the speaker think of the cooking class?
   A. Boring          B. Difficult            C. Interesting
  I have five children, so our house is always noisy.   16  , I love gardening and my garden helps me relax.
  For a long time, I  17   the garden of peace and quiet. When the children followed me into the garden, I would expect  18   to be out of sight. And I would hand out tasks.
“Here: you   19  the onions, you dig the holes, and... "Soon they would be  20  or their arms would be sore, and they would leave me to myself.
But during a recent spring,  21   I was working in the garden, my 13-year-old son, Josiah noticed me. He   22   a tool and began helping. Working as a team, we finished the job in no time at all. I  23 Josiah, realizing that I’d enjoyed working with him.
The same thing happened-one or two of the  24   would appear and join in the gardening from time to time. Each time, I would feel  25  that the work was lighter because of their help.
One day, when I was picking the peas(豌豆) and having a taste  26  , Abby saw me and ran over. I put several peas into her mouth. She just loved how   27   they were.
“Mama, I want the others to try them too.”
Suddenly, I realized I had been wrong for long. I'd tried to keep the  28  of gardening to myself, and here was a child who couldn’t wait to  29  with others. “Sure, honey, let's pick some. We'll make a wonderful supper.”
Now I enjoy all of the garden's beauties with the children. We bring the  30  back home, preparing and cooking the produce together, because we know that everything is better when shared.
16. A. Finally             B. Quickly                 C. Luckily                  D. Immediately
17. A. painted             B. guarded                  C. refused                  D. described


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